Trudie.jpg"Infinity wealth Management,Inc and Mel Tewahade introduced us to investing some 19 years ago. We have done well." - Trudie

JoeAnn.jpg"I have been investing with Infinity Wealth and Mel Tewahade since June 1993. The wise investment we made has given me and my family, a financial worry-free life. Thank you Mel Tewahade for your wisdom and fidelity." - Joe Ann

Richard-1.jpg"We have been clients and friends of Inifinity Wealth since 1998. It has been a very profitable relationship with Mel Tewhade. Infinity even allowed us to travel to Mel Tewahade birth place Ethiopia in 2014. My life long dream of traveling to the motherland was fulfilled it was a trip of a lifetime." - Richard

"I couldn't imagine living in Ghana without my business with you. Even though I have spent almost all these good money from you am still proud to tell you that it was helpful. It has brought comfort and support into my life. I would have been miserable to settle in Ghana without this savings. Although my pension has also changed my life but that alone wouldn't have been sufficient. After 3 years without any tenant in my home when my wife left it setting empty and roasted and everything in it got spoiled through the salted sea in Accra and dusted, my business with you gave me a comfortable home again. It has also supported other family members and friends in need and my small businesses here in Ghana that serves me today a daily working place. Am proud of you Mr Mel and thank you very much for every little steps you went with me. God bless you million times. I am grateful. Good morning Sir."